Another 5 Second Method To Get Free Bitcoins On Auto-Pilot!

Hi and welcome to another tutorial on how to get bitcoins fast. I hope you have enjoyed the previous lessons and are using them to get a lot of bitcoins fast.

In my previous lesson…I showed you and easy 5 second way to get free bitcoins using earnably.

In today’s lesson…I am going to show you another way to get bitcoins on complete auto-pilot from Earnably by watching more videos!

This method works even better than the first method that I showed you!

Follow the simple instructions below to start earning more free bitcoins….on complete auto-pilot!

Step 1 –If you are not a member already….Click Here to join Earnably! 

Step 2 – After login into your earnably account, click the link that reads “Earn” at the top of the page and a menu will pop up. (see screenshot below)

After the menu pops up…Click on the link that reads “Offer Walls” (shown circled in red in the above screenshot).

After you click on the offer walls link…You should see the following list of offer walls (see screenshot below)

Next….click on the link that reads “Offer Toro” (shown circled in red in the above screenshot).

Clicking on the  “Offer Toro” link will take you to a menu were you should see the following…

Next….Click on the “Videlab” offer (example shown in the above screenshot)

After clicking on the “Videolab” offer , you will be takn to a new page where you will earn automatic points (which can be converted to real cash) by watching 15 short videos (it takes about 10 minutes to watch the 15 videos). These videos load auto play….so you don’t need to worry about clicking through each video. It surfs all 15 videos on complete auto-pilot!

Note: The videos will appear in a popup window and you will continue to earn your free points as long as you keep the pop up window open and it viewable on your computer. After the 15 videos have finished…the system restarts all over again and shows you 15 more videos. It runs on complete auto-pilot and you can let it run as long as you like!uld be able

That’s all there is to it! You simply leave the popup window open and let the videos play on complete auto pilot!  You will earn points on complete auto-pilot and can cash out these points as soon as you have 125 points ($1 worth of bitcoins). You can cash out directly to your bitcoin address!

It’s easy automatic free bitcoins! Start now!

Note: Sometimes they may run out of videos to watch but if you login daily and check, then you will be find that they always start showing the videos again!

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