An Easy Way To Get 10,000 Satoshi A Day For FREE!

Today I am going to show you an easy way to get 10,000+¬† Satoshi a day for free! In fact…I am going to show you how to get this free bitcoins and get free traffic at the same time!

Simply put…You can get 10,000+ satoshi a day for free while promoting your web page on Infinite Traffic Boost!

What is Infinite Traffic Boost?

It’s a traffic exchange created for bitcoin users that has a built in income generated that pays you to surf the exchange.

Using this exchange I am sending free traffic to my web page as well as earning 10,000+ satoshi a day!

In total I have earned 351739 Satoshi!

Check out the proof of my earnings below…

Below is just a sample of my daily earnings…

As you can see by the stats show above….I have made as much as 17652 satoshi in 1 day!


You need to surf 100 pages on their traffic exchange each day! If you surf 100 pages each day you will earn 10 shares of their daily income. This is more than 10,000 satoshi a day as of right now!

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Now that you have joined Infinite Traffic Boost, i am going to show you how to maximize your free membership to get maximum results!

Step 1 – Get 300 FREE Credits

The first thing that I am going  show how to do is get 300 free advertising credits from Infinite Traffic Boost.

After login into your account…You simply need to click on the image show circled in red in the screenshot below…

After clicking on the image..You will led through the 8 simple steps to claim your 300 free advertising credits.

Below are a list of the 8 steps that you will need to complete….
Enter required details to receive commissions

Note: I have added instructions that are highlighted in yellow next to some of the step.

  • Choose how you would like to receive commissions
  • Add your first Advertising Campaign .
  • Start to surf pages
  • Setup text ads to get exposure
  • Setup banner ads to get exposure
  • Enter your IDs for the recommended sites
  • Refer a new active member

Note: When setting up your banner, Use the image url below and follow the example in the screenshot

Step 2 – Get 10,000+ Satoshi Every Day For Promoting Your Favorite Bitcoin Program.

If you want to get traffic to your favorite bitcoin related program for free daily from Infinite Traffic Boost…You need to simply surf their traffic exchange every day.

Tip – To get at least 10,000 free satoshi a day…Surf at least 100 pages each day!

Tip If you want to get traffic to your link without surfing…Buy 1 of their traffic packages!

Bonus FREE Bitcoins – More Bitcoin Traffic Exchanges

To send even more free traffic to your “favorite bitcoins program and earn even more free satoshi, I recommend that you join and surf the follow free bitcoin related traffic exchanges.

#1 – 4BCNetork – This traffic exchnage pays you free bitcoin (and other coins) to surf and exposes your site to their members. They also give you 10 free visitors to your site just for loggin in each day!

#2 – Bitsurfer – This is another bitcoin related traffic exchange that gives you free bitcoins when you surf. They give you 5 free satoshi for each web site that you surf on their exchange!


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