Get 10,000 Satoshi Per Day – 3 Minute Method!

Looking for another way to get some free bitcoins fast! Today I am going to show you how to get an extra 10,000  satoshi a day in less than 3 minutes!

How My 1000+ Satoshi In 3 Mintes Strategy Works!

This bicoin faucet strategy is very simple but very effective becuase you will simply be visiting a few faucets 1 time per day.  Note: You can visit some of these faucets more than once a day if you want to get even more free bitcoins.

Here is how the strategy works.

  1. You will simply visit each faucet listed below at least once every 24 hours.
  2. It will only take about 3 minutes of your time a day.
  3. Some of the faucets even reward you with higher amounts of bitcoins if you return at least once each day!

Below I have listed each faucet that you need to visit daily and their major benfits

The High Paying Bitcoin Faucets

Note: The rates for the bitcoin faucets below may change at anytime. It all depends on the price of bitcoin. When the value of bitcoins go up, then you can expect the amount per claim to be lowered by the faucet owners. The stats below are the amount per claim that you can expect to get at the time that I am creating this report.

Hot Tip – Visit each faucet listed below at least 1 time per day because many of these high paying faucets give you bonus bitcoins for visiting their faucets daily!

Faucet #1 – Ebot (get 559 satoshi a day)

Eobot has a faucet that is currently paying 559 satoshi when you visit it once per day! In order to claim on their faucet, you will first need to open up a free account on

After you have opened up a free account at, click the link below to visit their high paying faucet. Note: You can only make 1 claim per day.

Click Here To Visit The Eobot Faucet

Faucet #2 – bitcoins43 (get 350 – 850 satoshi per claim)

Bitcoin 43 is a faucet that pays you 350-850 satoshi per claim. You can visit this faucet every 12 hours.

Click Here To Visit The Bitcoin 43 Faucet

Faucet #3 – Free BitBox ( 350 – 1000 satoshi per claim)

Free Bitbox has a faucet  that pays 350 -1000 satoshi per claim. You can visit their faucet every 3 hours.

The also have a bonus system that rewards you for visiting their faucet daily. See details below…

  • 100-150 coins – daily bonus for each day when you claim coins
  • 150-200 coins – weekly bonus for every week when you claim coins
  • 200-250 coins – monthly bonus for every month when you claim coins

Note: You need to register for a free account before you can claim on their faucet.

Click Here To Visit Free Bitbox

Faucet #4 – Jetcoin (Up To 750 Satoshi Per Claim)

Jetcoin pays 150 satoshi every 15 minutes but allow you to wait longer and let you claim more (up to 750 satoshi) every second that you wait after 15 minutes. If you visit the faucet every 24 hours, then you can claim the maximum amount of 750 satoshi!

  • You can claim 150 satoshi every 15 mins or wait and claim more
  • Maximum reward amount is 750 satoshi

Click Here To Visit Jetcoin

Faucet #5 – Moon Bitcoim ( 424 Satoshi Every 24 hours)

Moon Bitcoin is one of my favorite faucets because (like Jetcoin) you can let your amount per claim grow every second 5 mintes. Below you will see moon Bitcoin claim rates and how by visiting at least once every 24 hours, you can get 428 satoshi.

Follow the simple instructions below in order to maximise your efforts and claim the most free bitcoins and the minimum amount of time.

Claim Time Payout

5 minutes

25 satoshi

10 minutes 44 satoshi
15 minutes 60 satoshi
30 minutes 94 satoshi
1 hour 134 satoshi
4 hours 239 satoshi
1 day 424 satoshi
4 days 600 satoshi
1 week 680 satoshi
4 weeks 900 satoshi

Note: They also have a loyalty bonus system that allows you to earn 1% more per claim per day (up to 100%)  for each consective day that you visit their faucet. For example: If you visit their faucet 100 days in a row…Instead of making 424 satoshi for making 1 claim every 24 hours, you would make double that amount per claim (848).

Click Here To Visit Moon Bitcoin

Faucet #6 – Bitfun (770 Every 24 Hours)

Bitfun is a site that has several ways that you can earn free bitcoins. But for the purpose of this tutorial…We will be discussing their high paying bitcoin faucet. You can make a claim every 3 minutes. However…If you wait longer the amount of bitcoins that you will receive per claim will increase.

They don’t have an official claim rate table. However…I timed the payouts for the times between claims and here is what I have found…

3 min –  27 satoshi
5 min – 47 satoshi
10 min – 84 satoshi
30 min – 174 satoshi
60 min – 231 satoshi
8 hours – 560 satoshi
24 hours  – 770 satoshi

Note: You can find the faucet at the top of the offers page on the site. See screeshot above (the faucet is cricled in red)

Click Here To Visit Bitfun!

Faucet #7 – Field Bitcoins (220 Satoshi Every 24 Hours)

Field Bitcoins is similar to Moon bitcoin. the major difference between the to is their claim rates. See Field Btcions claimrates below…

Claim Time Standard Payout
5 minutes 15 satoshi
10 minutes 24 satoshi
15 minutes 32 satoshi
30 minutes 50 satoshi
1 hour 65 satoshi
4 hours 120 satoshi
1 day 220 satoshi

Click Here To Visit Field Bitcoins

Faucet #8 – BTC Generator (330 Satoshi Every 24 hours)

Like Moon Bitcoin and Fields Bitcoin, BTC Generator allows you to make a claim anytime that you like (after 5 minutes after makig a claim) and gives you more satoshi for every second that you wait between claims. See their clami rates below…

5 minutes – 84 satoshi

10 minutes – 102 satoshi

15 minutes – 114 satoshi

30 minutes – 135 satoshi

1 hour – 161 satoshi

5 hours – 232 satoshi

1 day – 330 satoshi

3 days -418 satoshi

1 week -500 satoshi

4 weeks -668 satoshi

This is a faucet that will allow you to earn as much as $200 in bitcoin per claim. You can make a claimat this faucet 1 time per hour. But if you choose to visit the faucet only once per day, then you will get a minimum of 225 bitcoin.

They also have a rewards programthat reward you with points that you can use to increase the amount of bitcoins that you can make per claim. I recoomend that you visit this faucet asmuch as possible and build up your reward points. After you have compiled a nice amount of reward points, cash them in to increase your a mount per claim.

For example: If you compile 3200 reward points…You can cash them in for a reward that allows you to make 1000% more per each claim for a 24 hour period. In other words…Instead of making a minimum of 225 satoshiper claim, you would make a minimum of 225,000 satoshi per claim.

MellowAds is another great faucet. You can ean between 3000 and 10000 satoshi a day in free advertising credits. Note: 3000 satoshi is enought o run a free advertising campaing on Mellow ads for 3 days! You can then use these free satoshi advertising credits to promote your favorite bitcoin faucet (or other bitcoin program) and build your downlines to earn even more free bitcoins fast.

Bitcoset is similar to Mellowads. You will earn 4000 satoshi a day in free advertising credits. You simply need to make 1 faucet claim to claim another 4000 saoshi every day!

Ps. In a future lesson I am going to show you how to build downlines in several bitcoins programs using Mellowads Bitcoset. This will allow you to earn more free bitcoins on auto-pilot! But for now….Visit the Mellowads and Bitcoset faucets once every 24 hours and collect your free satoshi!

That’s it for today’s lesson.Simply visit each faucet  from the list at least 1 time per day (it should take less than 3 minutes to visit all of the faucets each day) to make over 10000 satoshi!

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