How I Get Up To 78,000 Satoshi A Day For FREE…On Auto-Pilot!

Today I am going to show you a simple automatic free bitcoin generating method that has earned me as much as 78,000 satoshi a day…on complete auto-pilot!

When you use this method you will not need to sit and claim faucets every day. Instead you will be able to get free bitcoins on auto-pilot without lifting a finger. (Well…maybe just 1 finger).

My method of earning free bitcoins is very simply!  Here’s how it works…

First…I am going to show you a site that will allow you to earn free bitcoins on complete auto-pilot by driving traffic to that website. This is know as PTP (Paid To Promote).

Note: This site pays between 1 and 4 satoshi each time you send traffic to their link.

Then…I am going to show you how to send traffic to the website on auto-pilot so that you can earn free bitcoins 24 hours day without lifting a finger!


Before we get started…check out the proof below!

Start seeing results like these using the method that I am going to show you in this short tutorial….

Note: As you can see by the results shown above, I earned 48 satoshi in less than 1 minute on complete auto-pilot. Imagine the results for 1 hour (2880 satoshi).

Now that you have seen proof that this method works…..let me show you how to duplicate my results!

Simply follow the simple steps below and you will be able to start earning free bitcoins (satoshi) on complete auto-pilot within the next 5 minutes.

Step 1 – Go to is the website that has the link that will earn you between 1 and 4 satoshi per visitor.

Once you have reached the site scroll down the page until you see the following…

Copy the link that reads

Next…Replace the end of the link that reads “yourbitcoinwallet” with your bitcoin wallet address.

For example: My bitcoin wallet address is 1CtWejmStVF2j9Wo3bvFF55RM9k17tiGtY. So the url for my link would look like this…


After you have added you bitcoin wallet to the end of the link (as shown in the above example), go to step 2 (listed below)

Step 2 – Drive traffic to your link and earn up to 78k satoshi a day on complete auto-pilot!

As explained before…In order to earn advertising free bitcoins from the link that you got in step 1, you will need to drive traffic to that link.
To do this…We will be using a free auto traffic exchange that will send traffic to your cloaked
link on complete auto-pilot.
The site that you need to join is called Otohits and it’s 100% free to join.
After you have joined otohits, follow the simple instructions below.
1. Log into your Otohits account and go to “my sites” and add the link that got in step 1 of this course. Set the timer at 10 seconds or so and leave the rest of the settings at default.
2. Now click the link that reads “The Auto Surf” on the left hand side of the page. This will take you to a new page where you will see a blue button that reads “Launch The Auto Surf“
3. Click on the link the reads “ Launch The Auto Surf” and you computer will start surfing other members pages on complete auto pilot. When your computer surfs these sites, you are earning advertising credits that will allow you to get free traffic to your link in the same manner.
4. Let the auto surf run as long as possible, then assign your earned traffic credits to your link.
That’s it! You are now up and running. You are earning free advertising from otohits just by letting the
surf tool run on complete auto-pilot!
Tips #1 – Run the otohits auto surfer 24 hours a day for maximum results!
Tip #2 – If you want otohits traffic credits quickly without letting the autosurf 24 hours a day, you can
purchase them in the members area of otohits. The traffic is very cheap and they deliver it quickly.
Note: If you don’t fully understand how the system works, then read this course again and follow each step carefully!

How You Will Get Paid – Payments are sent in real time to You can check your earnings at anytime by simply  going to and entering your bitcoin wallet address!


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