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Hi and congratulations on joining my 2x9Bitmax team! If you are reading this page then I have added you to my rotator on my recrtuitment page at http://earnfreebitcoinsfast.info/2343freebitcoins.html and you are in my direct downline or the downline of one of the people that I have referred to 2x9Bitmax.

What this means is that we are all part of a team. When one of us suceeds and build our downline, then we all benefit becuase we all belong to the same matrix.

Whenever there is spillover from our upline, then we get free referrals without lifting a finger.

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I am currently promoting our rotator and recruitment page using pay per click bitcoin advertising, banner exchanges, traffic exchanges, and email marketing.

This promotion is designed to help everyone on our team fill their matrix down 9 levels and earn the 2343 bitcoins from 2x9bitmax.

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If  You Join 2x9Bitmax And Upgrade To Level 4  You will Receive The Following 9 Bonus Gifts For FREE!


Bonus #1  - "Get Your Very Own "Automatic Bitcoin System" Web Page And FREE Training On How To Promote Your Page To Thousands Daily...For FREE!"

Several members have contacted me and asked if I could create a wep page for them similar to the origianl recruitment page that I created at http://earnfreebitcoinsfast.info/2343freebitcoins.html.

These members see the value of such a page becuase they know that it convinces more people to sign up to the program they would like to increase the referrals quicker by promoting a similar page.

So...I decided that I would create a page just like the one at http://earnfreebitcoinsfast.info/2343freebitcoins.html for anyone on our team that upgrades to level 4 or higher.

Your FREE Page comes with A Start Up Guide and 4 Lessons that show you how to drive free traffic to your "Automatic Bitcoin System" web page.

Plus...You will also get the following free bonuses that will help you drive even more free traffic to your "Automatic Bitcoin System" Webpage.

Note: You Can use the following Bonuses To Promote Your "Automatic Bitcoin System" web page or any other offer that you choose!

Bonus #2 - Instant FREE Traffic Trick - Get 95,000 Visitors For FREE!

This second bonus will help jumpstart your promotion of your new free "Automatic Bitcoin System" page that promottes your 2x9bitmax referral link. I am going to show you how to get 95,000 visitors to your page for free! That's right! These 95,000 visitors that will not cost you 1 cent!

Bonus #3 - The Auto-Pilot Promoter - Promote T0 300,000 A Month On Auto-Pilot

I am going to show you a 100% free way to promote your new free "Automatic Bitcoin System" web page to 300,000 people per month for free! It's a total automatic way to promote your page on thousands of other websites every day without spending a dime on advertising!

Bonus #4 - 10,000  Ad Credits On 1TAE

What is 1TAE?

It's a text exchange that will display your add on it network of sites that have over 660,000 members.

I will transfer 10,000 of my 1TAE advertising credits to you and you can use these credits to have your ad seen 10,000 times for free!

Bonus #5 - 10,000 Ad Credits On PS Click Power

What is PS Click Power?

It's site that offers banner, text ad, and login ad advertising.

I will transfer 10,000 of my PS Click Power advertising credits to you and you can use these credits to have your ad seen 10,000 times for free!

Bonus #6 - 10,000 Ad Credits On Confirmed Traffic

What is Confirmed Traffic?

It's site that offers banner, text ad, and login ad advertising.

I will transfer 10,000 of my Confirmed Traffic advertising credits to you and you can use these credits to have your ad seen 10,000 times for free!

Bonus #7 -  Secret Weapon #1

Although the automatic traffic tricks and the 95,000 free visitors are going to help you reach 2343 bitcoins through 2x9bitmax without really doing of the work yourself, I am also going to show you my secret traffic sources that are going to explode your 2x9bitmax earnings.

This secret weapon is going to help you make reach 2343 in less than 30 days!

Bonus #8 -  Secret Weapon #2

This secret weapon is a real game changer. When you implement this secret strategy that I am going to reveal to you, then you be able to make even more than 2343 bitcoins. Each time you implement this stratgey you will be able to double the amount of bitcoins that you will receive.

For example: If you use it 1 time you will  make 4686 bitcoins instead 2343. The best part about this secret weapon is that you can use it anytime that you want and earn unliited bitcoins.

Bonus #9 - Fast Cash Ninja Software

Make Quick Cash Using This Powerful Software Tool That Instantly Finds Qualified Buyers With Money To Spend!

Using this software, you can literally generate cash on demand with no expertise or barely any effort at all!

How To Claim The 9 Bonuses That Will Help You Reach 2343 Bitcoins Even Faster!

Step 1 - Upgrade To At Least Level 4 (This will cost you less than $5 in bitcoins). Note: You must join 2x9bitmax via your sponsors link that is on the page that you just came from.

Step 2 - Send the following information to me....

  1. Your 2x9bitmax username
  2. Your 2x9bitmax referral link

*I will need your 2x9bitmax username to confirm that you have upgraded to level 4.
**I will need you 2x9bitmax referral link to create your "Automatic Bitcoin System" web page.

You need to email this information to me at earnfreebitcoinsfast@gmail.com.

Please use the subject line "9 FREE Bonuses".

After you have emailed me all the required information, I will deliver  your Automatic Bitcoin System web page and 8 other bonuses to you within 24 hours!


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